Real Estate One Academy - School Policies


GRADING: Students must achieve a score of 70% or better on the final exam in order to become certified as having completed the Salesperson Fundamentals of Real Estate course. Any student who does not pass the final exam the first time may retake the exam as many times as necessary at no charge. All testing must be completed within 12 months of course start date. The final exam must be retaken when the final is given in another class. Please call the Real Estate One Academy for specific times, dates and locations if you are attempting to attend a class other than the one in which you are registered.

ATTENDANCE: Students are required to attend all hours of class instruction per the State of Michigan Occupational Code. If a student misses a session, that time needs to be made up during lecture in another Real Estate One Academy Salesperson Fundamentals of Real Estate or Continuing Education course. The schedule can be found here. If you miss the Fair Housing unit you must specifically attend the Fair Housing session in another class. For all other time, we recommend that you attend the class material you missed but this is not a requirement. Time may not be made up by taking courses online or by attending Exam Prep courses.

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of a course and passing the school final exam, the school will convey the student record of completion to Licensing and Regulatory Affairs within 5 business days. However, students may start the two step state exam registration process immediately after completion. There is no need to wait until the school has notified the State. Continuing Education class completion will be reported to the CE Marketplace according to their policies. Certificates of completion are not required to be uploaded by the student.

NSF: Any applicant who has a declined charge or closed account will be assessed a $30.00 NSF fee.

REFUNDS: If requested by the student before the class start date, all tuition and fees* paid by the student to Real Estate One Academy will be refunded within 30 days. *The book fee is non-refundable once the student receives the textbook. Payments to third parties are not refunded by Real Estate One Academy. All refunds will be paid to the enrollee unless otherwise directed or unless paid by credit or debit card.

NON-DISCRIMINATION: Real Estate One Academy is committed to equality of educational opportunity and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status, disability, age, marital status or sexual orientation or identity.

ACCESSIBILITY: Not all locations are barrier-free. If you require an accommodation, please advise us prior to registration. Please call 248-356-7111 so we will be able to meet your needs.

RECRUITING: No recruiting for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage firm is allowed while class is in session. Promptly, report concerns to the Assistant Director, Sandra Tischer, at 248-208-2917.

MICHIGAN STATE LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS: Michigan Law requires that an applicant for a salesperson's license must: (1) complete a course totaling a minimum of 40 hours covering the state mandated curriculum, (based on a 50 minutes hour) (2) pass a state exam with a score of 70% or higher, (3) be at least 18 years of age.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Salesperson Fundamentals of Real Estate course covers a broad spectrum of topics including agency, license law, rules and regulations, math, terminology, rights and interests in land, forms of ownership, title transfer, recordation, finance, appraisal, taxes, leases, land use controls, contracts, fair housing, & anti- trust in preparation for taking the Salesperson's exam. Our school meets the State's requirements, including 4 hours of Fair Housing. This course also includes a final exam.