Please see below the list of our Frequently Asked Questions. These are answers you should know before you are ready to go and attend a class. If we failed to answer your question please call us at (248) 356-7111.

What are the requirements for getting a Michigan real estate license for the first time?

The State of Michigan requires you attend an approved 40 hour class encompassing real estate law, math, terminology, & licensing material review in preparation for taking the Salesperson's exam. Our school meets the State's requirements, including 4 hours of Fair Housing. This course includes a final exam. Upon passing the final and completing the hours, you will receive a certificate and be eligible to take the State exam.There is no educational requirement to get a Michigan real estate license other than the 40 hour class.

Do I need a broker to get a license?

The State of Michigan will not issue a license unless the applicant is under the control and supervision of a broker.

Can I obtain a license if I've had a criminal conviction?

This is decided on a case by case basis by the State of Michigan. Please call (517) 241-0199.

Can I obtain a license if I am not a Michigan resident?

Residency is not a requirement for a Michigan license.However, the applicant must be licensed under a Michigan broker and file an "irrevocable consent to service of process" form with the State when registering for the State exam.

Can I practice real estate in other states using my Michigan license?

No, but some states may waive some of their requirements to get a license in that state.The applicant should call the other state directly.

If I have a license in another State can I get a reciprocal license in Michigan?

No, Michigan does not have reciprocity with any other states.

I had my license but let it expire. What can I do to get it back?

If one renewal has been missed, there is one option only; to make up the continuing education missed. If more than one renewal has been missed then there are three options from which to choose; make up continuing education or retake and pass the 40 hour class or retake and pass State exam, then apply for re licensure.

What is covered in the pre licensing class and the cost?

This State approved 40 hour class encompasses real estate law, math, terminology, & licensing material review in preparation for taking the Salesperson's exam. Our school meets the State's requirements, including 4 hours of Fair Housing. This course includes a final exam. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate and be eligible to take the State exam. The $385 fee includes the tuition, book, and materials for the class.

How do I register for class?

Registration may be completed online by visiting our Courses by Location or Courses by Schedule pages and choosing your course. Then full payment must be received through our online registration portal.

The class is marked as "registration closed", do you have a waitlist?

No, we do not have a waitlist. Please register for another class schedule.

May I reschedule my class?

A student may reschedule at no charge, one time only, up until 24 hours of the start date. All subsequent or later reschedules will incur a $20 non-refundable fee. The new class must be started within 12 months of the canceled class.

May I get a refund after I've purchased the course?

If requested by the student before the class start date, all tuition and fees paid by the student to Real Estate One Academy will be refunded within 30 days. The book fee is non-refundable once the student receives the textbook. Payments to third parties are not refunded by Real Estate One Academy.

Are walk-ins allowed?

No, pre-registration is required.

May I bring a friend or child to class with me?

Only full tuition paying students are allowed to attend the class. Children and pets are not allowed.

May I record the class?

Recording of class is prohibited. Please put your phone in silent mode during class.

I need accommodations for a disability, whom should I contact?

Please notify Real Estate One Academy office or the instructor if a student needs an accommodation for a disability or has accessibility needs.We ask that this be done before the class starts, if possible, so we can make the best accommodations.

Can I get the textbook before the class starts?

Student must pick up the textbook at one of the designated locations and print the other materials or download on your device to view in class. The additional materials are attached to your confirmation email.

If I already have the book from a friend will the materials fee be waived?

No, the fee will not be waived. The materials fee is a per student fee.

If I am retaking the class do I have to buy a new book?

Yes, a book purchase with materials is required for each student.

What should I bring the first day of class?

Students should bring state issued picture ID, pen or pencil, paper, & pocket calculator.

Do I have to attend the first day?

All students must attend the entire first session.

What is the dress code?

Casual but appropriate for public.

Is there coffee for students?

Food and beverages are allowed in class, but are not provided. It is recommended you bring snacks because some of the breaks are very short.

Is there homework for class?

There is no specific homework which has to be completed and turned in for a grade. However, a student should plan to spend time outside of class reading the textbook, reviewing class lecture notes, taking practice quizzes and completing the take home self-assessment. Online practice quizzes are available on our Student Resources page.

Do I have to pass the class final exam?

Each student must pass the Real Estate One Academy final exam to receive a certificate of completion. If you fail the exam you must retake just the exam. There is no need to retake the class nor is there any additional fee.

May I transfer to another class after I have already started one?

Once a class has been started, it can be completed in another session after contacting the academy office.

Can I make up a missed session of class?

All class time and assignments must be completed within 12 months of the original class start date. If a student misses class then that module needs to be made up by attending the same module in another Real Estate One Academy Salesperson Fundamentals of Real Estate course. This does limit the make up opportunities so it is recommended that students make every effort to not miss any class time. In addition, class size restrictions make preregistration for make up a necessity. Make-up students can make arrangements to finish class by calling 248-356-7111 or emailing

After making up my State required hours, how do I get my certificate?

A makeup student should email to request a certificate be emailed to the student after the Real Estate One Academy has completed the verification of attendance and final exam for that student.

What is the Exam prep classes and the cost?

The Exam prep classes are in person game and review focused classes. A student may purchase Exam prep classes at $25 each. Pre-registration is required on our exam prep page under the courses tab.

May I sit through additional regular class sessions for review?

No. Once a student has completed their Salesperson Fundamentals of Real Estate Course they will need to repay for the course and materials if they want to sit through the class again. The Exam prep classes would be the recommended "review" class and registration is open on our website.

How long do I have to complete the pre licensing class?

All class time and assignments must be completed within 12 months of the original class start date. Please call the office at 248-356-7111 or email for specific times, dates and locations for make-up students.

How soon after class can I test?

The student can generally schedule a state test within a week or so of completing the class.

When do my class hours expire?

The student is eligible to test for 36 months after class completion.

How do I get a replacement certificate if I misplaced mine?

Please email the office for a replacement certificate.There is no charge for this.

Where is the State exam given?

The exam is given at 7 locations multiple days and times.

How do I sign up for the State exam?

This a two-step process starting after completion of licensing class and completing by scheduling the exam at For more detailed instructions please see the Real Estate One Academy booklet in the class materials and links on our website under the Student Resources tab.

What is required to pass the State exam?

A score of 70% or greater is required on this multiple choice 115 question test. Students are given their score upon completing the exam.

Since the exam consists of 115 questions which count, 81 correct answers are required. Please refer to the PSI exams candidate booklet available on our website under the student resources tab for more details.

How soon after passing the exam may I start working?

A student may start working as soon as the license is issued. Upon passing the exam, the student must find a broker within one year or the exam will have to be retaken. A student may enter their employing broker information into MiPlus after passing the state exam.